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Advice on Umrah Journey

Advice on Umrah Journey


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Advice on Umrah Journey

Hotels: There is not much difference in quality and especially the distance between 4/3 star hotels and 5 star hotels although the price difference is just enormous. Due to the nature of the operations in this industry, mostly customers end up paying way too much for a normal hotel and they don’t even have a choice to choose their own hotel. So do your research and try choosing everything yourself.


Flights:  I also went for indirect flights, it wasn’t only cheap but I found it to be quite practical as I had the chance to put on my Ihram and perform some nawafil prayers at the connecting airport.

Transport: Best to grab a taxi at the Jeddah airport as they charge just as much but are convenient compare to those you book in advance. Shared taxis for Ziyarats or commute from Makkah to Madinah are absolutely superb value for money but off course it would be different if there are females accompanying the trip. 

Ziyarats: There are loads of local taxis that wait outside masjid e Nabwi and take tourists for ziyarats. They are usually shared taxis with few other people and only charge 10 Riyals per person. In Makkah I am sure similar option is available but I had a relative who took me for Ziyarats in Makkah.

Maps: Make sure you take a print out of your hotel location with you. It really helps and could save you time and stress.

Checklist: Create a checklist of every single item you need to carry in your luggage, documents you need to take, some Dua books, places you wish to visit and also the guide to perform Umrah.

Be Friendly & Enjoy: You will find that other travellers whether on the plane, airport or hotel are very friendly because you share a common ground and everyone is there for the same reason. I found the locals in Madinah to be extremely friendly, hospitable and helpful. Don’t hesitate to ask people for help should you need any, make loads of duas and simply enjoy this beautiful trip. May Allah accept mine and everyone else’s Umrah Ameen!