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Tips for Umrah

Tips for Umrah


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Tips for Umrah

Umrah is definitely going to be one of the finest experiences you will ever endeavour in your life. If this is your first time or you have been several times, this journey, I can promise you, will be life changing!


Here are some tips to ensure that you make the most out of your expedition and to ensure you enjoy your experience to the maximum.

1. For gentlemen take a pot of Vaseline with you, to rub between the legs. This is a must because it is scorching in Mekkah and when you become clammy, the legs can grind together, causing blistering of the skin and irritation.

2. Take a small backpack to keep sandals inside, this way you will not lose your shoes.

3. A travel prayer mat always comes in handy.

4. Drink plenty of water because it is extremely hot in Mekkah.

5. If you are taking small children with you, make sure you keep a close eye on them at all times because they could easily get lost or may fall over.

6. Take extreme care when performing tawaf, it would be better to carry small children to avoid them getting injured.

7. Read quran as much as you can, there is no need to take your own because it is always offered for free in the masjid to read.

8. Learn the correct prayers and duas for recitation whilst, before and after performing Umrah. Carry a mini book around with you in case you forget anything and to ensure you perform Umrah correctly and in the best way possible.

9. Carry a waist bag around with you it will be handy to carry small items around with you and to keep a mini guide in.

10. Have the best time of your life and make the most out of your experience, aim to change your life for the better and may Allah (SAW) accept your Umrah inshallah amen.