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Umrah For Women

Umrah For Women


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Umrah For Women

All Muslim sisters that are planning to perform Umrah, or have already booked an Umrah package needs to know the basic steps and procedures to perform Umrah correctly. Little girls are certainly excluded since they are innocent. One of our recommendations is to abide by the men that the women are going with. The basic rites of Umrah are the same for men & women. But there are certain conditions that are underlined Islam for women, which are separate from men.


Importance of Mahram:

Men are allowed to perform Umrah/Hajj on their own. For women it is different, it is compulsory for women to be with Mahram.

List of Mahram for women:

  • Father, grandparents, and great-grandparents
  • Brothers
  • Children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren
  • Uncles, great-uncles
  • Nephews, Grand nephews, great-grand nephews
  • Parent-in-laws
  • Son-in-laws
  • Stepfathers
  • Stepchildren
  • Rada

It is narrated by Hadrat ibn Abbas as mentioned in Bukhari and Muslim, that Rasulullah said: “No man should stay alone with a strange woman, and neither a woman should travel alone without her Mahram”. On this, a person said “O Rasulullah, my name has been enlisted in Jihad and my wife has left for Hajj”. The Prophet said: “Do not go on Jihad, but perform Hajj with your wife”.

There are important rules/laws that are stated & provide guidelines as why women are not allowed to perform Umrah alone. Men have been presented as the guardians of the women. During Umrah there are millions of people from all across the world and a lot of activities going on at the same time. Therefore it is highly important for women to be alongside with their respective Mahram. A single woman in any place is likely to be harassed by men. It is common human interaction, this is why it is always safe to be with a Mahram. Umrah is a family event and should be enjoyed as such. It is also necessary for Umrah travel & Visa process, as the Saudi Embassy will not allow issue your visa without a Mahram. According to the current Saudi rules and regulations a women under the age of 45 years cannot go for Umrah unless she is accompanied with her Mahram. Complete details of the relationship between the two should be provided with the applications. If a woman is 45 years old or older then she can go without a Mahram only if she is travelling with an organized group or family and she submits a notarized No Objection Certificate from her Mahram. There are certain instances when it is not allowed for a women to even leave Kingdom of Saudi Arabia without a Mahram.


Ihram for Muslim Sisters:

It is advised that women follow the normal dress code of Islam and wear clothes that are loose-fitting and do not call for attention.

It is best to wear light coloured clothes, and you must refrain from wearing perfume or any other cosmetic product. Many women choose to wear white coloured abayas and scarves to blend in with their male companions, but this is not obligatory. Any activity that makes the women unclean or impure is not recommended. Any practice like that will break the Umrah for the woman. During Umrah, women cannot wear any type of veil and gloves. These are not permissible under any means. Ihram for women during Umrah is more symbolic. This symbolism identifies the importance of cleanliness and holiness.


Tawaf for Muslim Sisters:

Men perform Ramal during 1st three rounds of Tawaf but it is forbidden for women. While performing Tawaf it is better for sisters to keep their distance from the Holy Kabaah. If their menses start during the Tawaf, she has to finish her Tawaf and leave the site of Holy Mosque. The Tawaf remains incomplete and she will have to perform her Tawaf after she is clean from her menses.



Women are allowed to perform her Sa’ee in normal walking speed. Women are not permitted to run between Safa and Marwah. Women should walk by the wall or along the railing to avoid the crowd of men. Sisters must not ascend to far on Safa and Marwah.

Women are allowed to perform Sa`ee when they are on their menses.

After Sa`ee women have to cut 1/4 part of their hair only for the length of a finger nail. After Muharimah done with cutting her hair, she will be free from the restrictions of Ihram.


May Allah grant our Ibadat & Umrah/Hajj & give us the honour to visit the Holy City again & again.